US Government – Ideology or Evidence?

As other governments look for examples to get out of their current mess, they should not be looking to the US or UK for guidance.  The UK expenditures have tripled in health care and doubled in local authorities.  The US has performed no better . . . . health care (Medicaid and Medicare), social programs, social security and just about every program run by government in the US is run so poorly that we have a tremendous deficit.

But our biggest deficit in the US is one of thinking.

You see ideology which breeds emotion and foolish decisions rules the day in the US.  Republicans want less government, and a balanced budget.  Democrats want more programs to be added to help people (i.e., more government), and more stimulus.  The two parties are at such odds that they can’t get anything done and everybody is mad.  Independents hold their nose and vote.

The problem in the US is ideology of both parties blinded by huge assumptions and biases.  At each others’ throats day in and day out.  Either side trying to keep power or trying to get it.  No agreement on anything – gridlock, frustration and irate voters.  Ideological stupidity reigns in the US.

Because of the extremes of both parties their learning has been lost to spinning – the art of failures being twisted to be a good thing.  Attack and counterattacks rather than coming together to solve problems.

What about evidence?

No one actually looks for evidence that would be foolish.  US Government systems are too complex, they require ideology.  And so the pendulum swings between the ideologies of left and right . . . Democrat and Republican.  Stalemate.

Evidence of what works and doesn’t work can be found but you have to look without bias and ideology.  It does require actually putting petty party differences aside, rolling up the sleeves and getting in the work – together as Americans.

On September 11, 2001 I drove to work from Randolph, New Jersey to Morris Plains.  A clear day and on those clear days you could see the Twin Towers rising from the City.  Later that day, all I could see was smoke of what remained.  Maybe we didn’t come together enough as Americans . . .

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